The AWOS, Automated Weather Observation System, has been a project that has taken over three years to complete.  It was certified on April 23, 2015 for use. The AWOS allows pilots to know the weather at the airport before they depart for Mt. Sterling or when they are airborne they can listen to the weather.

A general aviation facility, the Robert F. Tracy Municipal Airport is located just west of town on US24. The airport is able to accommodate jet engine aircraft on its one runway.
For more information please call 217.773.4411 or 217-779-7329

Additional Airport related info:

Fuel (Jet-A and 100LL) is available for purchase at a self serve pump. Master Card, Visa and American Express are accepted but not aviation fuel cards.

Price is controlled by Dot Foods, Inc, not the city. Please call Matt at 217-257-1241 or Paul at 217-779-7329

Rental Cars or Courtesy Cars are not available at the airport.

Hangar Space is not available overnight.

The airport is not attended on a regular basis.