The Mt. Sterling Lake is open April 1 thru Dec 1. 

There are 4 kayaks available for rent. Rental includes kayak, paddle and life jacket. The unit is solar powered and uses an application created by Rent.Fun, the vendor. Users will need to download the application then scan the QR code on one of the unit doors. The program walks you through payment information, terms of service, signing the liability waiver and accessing the locker door. The system will accept both credit and debit cards. Transactions are complete upon the return of all equipment to the locker. Rental fees are minimum of $25 for 2 hours plus $15 for every hour over that.








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Pay Your Water/Sewer Bill On Line!

The City of Mt. Sterling is pleased to announce the implementation of eBill, ePay and bank drafts for payment of water and sewer bills. Customers will be required to create a user profile and password on the city’s website at

By creating a user profile and password, you will be registered for eBill. Your water/sewer bill will then be delivered to your inbox in the email indicated in your profile instead of receiving one in the mail. All other customers will still be able to receive their bill by mail.

Customers may view and pay their bill from our city website. Your account and PIN number will be needed to link your water/sewer bill to your profile. Both numbers are listed on your water/sewer bills.

Payments will be accepted from Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and PayPal. We will also be accepting those debit cards that do not require a PIN number. There will be a convenience fee of $.35 per transaction plus 3% of your total bill. These fees are collected by our merchant vendor for the convenience of using your credit/debit cards and/or Paypal. The city does not benefit from these fees.

Bank draft payments will also be available by filling out a simple form at City Hall. Your bill is automatically debited to your checking account and paid automatically. There will be no fee for using bank drafts.

EBill, EPay and bank drafts will begin with your November water/sewer billing. We hope that many of our customers take advantage of eCommerce in one form or the other. This is a savings of time and money to our customers as well as for the water department. Go to our website today at and check it out for yourself! Instructions may be found on our city website. You may also request a copy at City Hall.