City Council meetings are held on the 3rd. Monday of each month at 6:30 pm, unless it falls on a holiday. Then council convenes on Tue. All council meetings are held at the Police Training Facility, #5 Jefferson Road, Mt. Sterling, IL.

June Minutes 

May Minutes 05.17.21 Reg Mins

April Minutes 04.19.21 Reg Mins

March Minutes 03.15.21 Reg Mins

February Minutes 02.16.21 Reg Mins

January Minutes 01.19.21 Reg Mins

December Minutes 12.21.20 Reg Mins

November Minutes 11.16.20 Reg Mins

October Minutes 10.19.20 Reg Mins

September Minutes 09.21.20 Reg Mins

August Minutes 08.17.20 Reg Mins

July Minutes 07.20.20 Reg Mins

June Minutes 06.15.20 Reg Mins

May Minutes 05.18.20 Reg Mins

April Minutes 04.20.20 Reg Mins

March Minutes 03.23.20 Reg Mins

February minutes 02.18.20 Reg Mins

January Minutes 01.21.20 Reg Mins

December Minutes 12.16.19 Reg Mins

November Minutes 11.18.19 Reg Mins

October Minutes 10.21.19 Reg Mins

September Minutes 09.16.19 Reg Mins

August Minutes 08.19.19 Reg Mins

July Minutes 07.15.19 Reg Mins

June Minutes 06.17.19 Reg Mins

May Minutes 05.20.19 Reg Mins

Apr Minutes 04.15.19 Reg Mins

Mar Minutes 03.18.19 Reg Mins

Feb Minutes 02.19.19 Reg Mins

Jan Minutes 01.22.19 Reg Mins